Casino Licencing

Casino licenses are the most essential and prominent document that a casino can own. It is required by law for an operator to have a licence, especially if they are aiming to offer services to players.

A casino licence ensures that an online casino has met specific guidelines, is regularly audited and has safety features in place to protect its players. A casino licence is not given away frivolously. Instead, casinos need to provide evidence that they can be trusted with player’s data as well as payments.

Although there are no online casinos based in New Zealand operating, you can still access casinos that are based offshore. It is for this very reason that we have compiled this detailed guide on all available casino licences and how they can affect you as a player. Although playing at a casino is considered a fun and rewarding experience, take the time to read the below to ensure that you stay safe when you gamble online.

What is a casino licence?

Casino licences are a ‘seal of approval’ from the country the permit has been issued. It confirms that a casino has met all the stipulated requirements and guidelines. The requirements vary from one state to the other. However, it is generally concluded that the owners and the company have been checked out. They also prove that their system is safe, efficient and have all security measures in place to protect data. There are also responsible gambling measures in place to help protect vulnerable people and have fraud measures prevention in place.

Since the casino has to deal with all manners of documentation, the owners have to prove that they have the highest security measures in place before a licence is approved and issued. Business owners have to provide several verified documentation before it is approved. Additionally, if the casino fails to comply, it can result in either the licence being denied, or else revoked.

Why is a casino licence relevant?

If you are a player and are thinking of signing up to an NZ casino, a licence offers you extra protection. An unlicensed casino is a highly dangerous venture and signing up to one can have repercussions. An unlicensed casino provides no proof of trust. With players information, payment data and large amounts of money in hand, they can do as they please.

A licence is, therefore in place to make sure that the people in charge are trustworthy and follow proper procedures.

How to identify an NZ Licenced Casino

Since all the online casinos promoted on CasinoExperts.NZ are licenced, signing up to them should be fine. You don’t have to take extra precautions. However, if you are looking to sign up to a new casino site that isn’t listed on here, you have to run some additional checks. Keep in mind that signing up to the wrong casino can end up costing you big time.

If you are in search of a new NZ casino with big NZ casino bonuses and free spins no deposit you still need to run checks. Keep in mind that sometimes if the offers are too good to be true, chances are they are.

Signing up to a casino that has been around for some years is always wise. That being said, you might want to give a new casino a shot, to see if there’s anything different or better out there.

Here are some signs to look out for before signing up to a casino:

  • Look for a trustworthy licence in the casino’s footer
  • Look for the Gambling Commission’s logo and click on it. It should link you to the site
  • Alternatively, you can search for the licence number on the Gambling Commission’s website
  • Check that there is important information regarding responsible gambling, age restrictions and help for gambling addictions
  • Read plenty of online casino reviews to see what players have said in the past

It is always recommended that you look up the casino on the corresponding Gambling Commission. It is ultimately the safest way to check how safe and secure the casino is.

Furthermore, these Gambling Authorities run audits regularly and are generally aware of any issues players have had with specific casinos

What are the differences between the various casino licences?

There are quite a few casino licences issued from various countries. You might wonder what the difference is and which one is best. Some online casinos, further own more than one gaming licences.

Countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy have demands in place. Such states demand that casinos must have a base in the country as well as a licence if they want to offer their services to players locally. This is in place to make online gambling safer while at the same time, drive revenue into the country. It also makes it easier to keep a closer eye on online gambling within the state.

However, not all countries are regulated. Let’s take Malta, for example. Although this country issues licences to operators, online casinos don’t require to have a Maltese licence to accepts players from there. They need to have a recognised and trustworthy casino licence in place.

If you are based in Europe, playing fat casinos with a European licence such as Malta and Gibraltar, are deemed one of the safest one there. Curacao, although it is non-EU, is also considered a trustworthy licence.

Benefits of a licenced casino for players

You wouldn’t give away your personal and financial information willy-nilly to strangers, would you? The same applies to unlicensed casinos. When you register to an online casino, you are providing your personal and financial information. Since you have to make deposits to play at a casino, you also have to provide your address, etc. You wouldn’t want such information to fall in the wrong hands.

Before signing up to any online casino, make sure it is licenced from a reliable country. Regarding how great the casino bonus is, or how low the wagering requirements are, do your checks. All trustworthy online casinos have their licence on display, usually in the footer. If you don’t see one, look for another.

A casino which does not have a licence is essentially breaking the law. Keep your money safe and steer clear of rogue casinos. Keep in mind that all casinos promoted on CasinoExperts are vetted for licence and other vital checks before deemed reliable. You can sign up to any new casino with confidence.
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