Minimum Deposit Casinos


Minimum Deposit Casinos are incredibly popular in New Zealand, and since they offer the best bonus deals, it means that even if you make a minimum deposit, you still have the chance to convert it into a big win or play more games.

Discover the best minimum deposit casinos in New Zealand:

  • $1 Minimum Deposit Casinos
  • $5 Minimum Deposit Casinos
  • $10 Minimum Deposit Casinos

You probably know which are the best NZ casinos to sign up to, especially those that come with a mix of match bonuses and free spins on signup. However, a minimum deposit casino can be hard to find, especially when you are in search of a trustworthy and legit casino.

Some players think that the more you deposit, the bigger the chance is of you converting it into more significant wins. Keep in mind that since casino games are games of chance, it does not matter how much you deposit, but instead if Lady Luck is smiling upon you. It’s not unheard of, to hear players winning a jackpot and becoming multi-millionaires overnight from a small deposit.

Low deposits can still result in a high-fuelling online gambling session. You will always gain access to numerous pokies at some of the top casinos, even if you a more modest bankroll to play with.

We don’t just recommend any minimum deposit casino. Instead, we go through our usual checklist of checking that they are licensed, trustworthy, have a portfolio brimming with top games and have an enticing casino bonus. Having a license from an internationally recognised authority is only one way of ensuring that a casino is safe and trustworthy.

How to find a minimum deposit casino

It is of vital importance that when you are looking for a minimum deposit casino, you make a low deposit. Otherwise, it just defeats the point of signing up to such a gambling site. Depending on the rules and regulations as set up by the gaming site of your choice and banking method, you might be forced into paying any additional fees, such as transaction fees.

You might want to look into possible transaction fees, as you might start with an even smaller bankroll. The best casinos don’t charge any additional fees for transactions, but it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Once you have looked into such details, you can then move on, into looking into any available customer support service, the cashier and Account sections and the portfolio of games.

What are the cons of a minimum deposit casino?

As sad as it sounds, bonuses are the biggest con of making the first deposit in this case. For many casinos, you would only need to make a minimum deposit to receive your welcome offer. However, if you deposit the minimum first deposit, you won’t be able to gain access to welcome bonuses.

Casinos know all too well that their players use the minimum first deposit as a way to test the waters and the casino itself. Casinos are not in business to be nasty to their customers who are being a tad extra careful with their money. There is a way around this, though.

You can get in touch with the customer support team, and inform them that you are testing out the new NZD casino site with your minimum first deposit. Once you have done this, and tell them how much you loved your experience, they would be more than willing to give you the first deposit bonus.

In theory, many players tend to lose interest after making their second deposit, so customer support is less likely to give out a bonus then.

What are the lowest minimum deposit casinos?

There are different varieties when it comes to minimum deposits. The majority of casinos have a minimum first deposit of $10, but we have seen $1 and $5 minimum deposits as well. For many, this is a low deposit minimum that is affordable by everyone.

As already mentioned, the minimum first deposit won’t earn you a welcome deposit bonus. You would have to speak to customer support with the premise that you would be making a second bigger deposit after testing out the site.

$1 Minimum Deposit Casinos

$1 minimum deposit casinos are incredibly rare, so when we spot them, we pounce on them. Check out the below casinos to take advantage of $1 minimum deposit casinos.

$1 Minimum Deposit Casinos

$5 Minimum Deposit Casinos

$5 minimum deposit casinos in New Zealand are some of the most popular and sought after casinos. Today, we are presenting you with the below list of minimum deposit casinos, that allow Kiwis to deposit as little as $5.

We already recommend that you read the terms and conditions to these deposits as many casinos would ask you to make a minimum deposit of $10 to claim the welcome deposit bonus offer.

$5 Minimum Deposit Casinos

$10 Minimum Deposit Casinos

These are our best-rated $10 minimum deposit casinos. Since all welcome deposit bonuses are triggered when you make a $10 deposit you are guaranteed a deposit bonus unless you are using Neteller or Skrill.

$10 Minimum Deposit Casinos

What are the benefits of a minimum deposit casino?

Some players are not too sure about making a long-term commitment to a casino, and thus want to make a smaller deposit to test out the waters and see what it has to offer. While spending less and winning big is also the main aim for players, a minimum deposit casino is a superb way to have fun without breaking the bank.

Since you are making smaller amounts as a deposit, you have low-risk entertainment. At the same time, you are checking out all the latest games available at the new NZ casino you have signed up, and you have the opportunity to see whether this is the right casino for you.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to online gambling sites. It all depends on your tastes and what you are looking for. Many casinos are aimed at high rollers, so if you have a small budget, it is not worth signing up to them.Are there bonuses at minimum deposit casinos?

Even though they are scarce, especially when it comes to $1 minimum deposit casinos, there are still some excellent exceptions. $5 minimum deposit casinos always tend to offer a 100% bonus match.

You can’t expect much when you are making a $1 deposit, but if you aim to make a $10 deposit, you’re almost guaranteed to receive a match bonus, free spins or both.

Banking options at a minimum deposit casino

It goes without saying that the higher the number of deposits, the more banking options become available to you. Credit and debit cards will only allow you to deposit slightly larger amounts, but e-wallets lower limits.

If you only have access to credit cards, you won’t be able to sign up to a $1 minimum deposit casino. You can always avail yourself of a Money Order, which you can buy these at your local post office, bank, your corner store and occasionally online.

Withdrawal amounts are higher than minimum deposits, so you need to be aware of this when you are aiming to turn a small deposit into a big one. If you are making a $1 deposit, chances are you won’t be able to turn it into at least $20. Never say never.