17 Key Phrases to know for Casino Beginners

New to gambling? Want to try hands at casino games online? First of all, make yourself acquainted with key phrases frequently used in online casinos and games. When you know, what is being said and who has been addressed; you can indulge more. Here, we have jotted down the list of terms and phrases you need to know before taking entry into the casino for the first time. 

Frequently Used Key Phrases at Online Casinos 

  1. Stake/Bet

Stake or bet is the amount a player chooses to place on the result of a spin in a slot game or a hand in a card game. A bet can be the single amount placed in a game or a sum of multiple amounts placed in the game. For example, betting on one number in Roulette, or numerous bets placed at different numbers in the game of Roulette. 

  1. Bankroll 

Bankroll is the total budget a player has to play games at an online casino. 

  1. Bonus 

The players are likely to hear this term quite frequently. Bonus is referred to the additional funds offered by an online casino. It is essentially the welcome bonus most of the NZ online casinos offer to the players for depositing funds to their account for the first time. The bonus amount can be used to play the game, just like real money.

  1. Deposit 

When the player adds funds to their online casino accounts via payment methods linked the casino, such as credit card, bank transfer, or e-wallet, to play the game, the process is called a deposit.  

  1. Withdrawal/Cash Out 

When a player wins a game or receives a bonus, the amount can be retrieved to the bank account, and this process is called cashing out or withdrawal. The players can withdraw their winnings at any time, by fulfilling the wagering requirements asked by the casino. 

  1. Wagering requirements. 

To withdraw the winning or bonus amount to the bank account, the players have to meet a set of rules set by a casino, and these are called wagering requirements. To fulfil these requirements, the players have to play a specified game at a specified stake, before a specified date.

  1. Chips 

Chips are small and coin-shaped tokens, made up of plastic, and represent money. These chips are found in all casinos around the world. The chips are present in different colors which represent the different monetary values. 

  1. Banker/Dealer 

The dealer can be considered as the opponent of the players. The dealer spins the wheel, deals the card, and controls the overall game. A dealer is a participant of a game but not a player. 

  1. Jackpot 

The maximum amount a slot can payout in a single go is known as Jackpot. A jackpot is the fixed amount that can be won in the game. There is also a term ‘progressive jackpot’ where the winning amount increases when the players continue to play the game. 

  1. Hand 

While playing a card game in a casino such as Blackjack or Baccarat, the players are dealt a specific card number to play the game. These cards are referred to as hands. 

  1. Odds 

The chances of winning a game are referred to as odds. 

  1. Payouts 

Payouts are referred to as what the players get when they win. Besides the payout, the players also receive their original stake back on winning the game. 

  1. Live Casino 

A live casino is referred to the live dealer game section of an online casino, where the players can enjoy the game with a human dealer. Unlike real-time games played at online casinos, the games at live casinos are played with a real dealer on real tables. The entire gameplay is streamed live to the players’ screen and they can interact with the dealer via live chat. 

  1. Push

Push is a scenario in the gameplay of Blackjack when the hand value of the player and dealer is the same. The situation is also called a tie. In a tie, none of the parties wins the game, neither they lose, and the stake amount is returned to the player. 

  1. Rollover 

Rollover is the number of times a bonus amount should be played, before the bonus or winning amount is withdrawn as cash. The details of bonus rollover are found in bonus terms and conditions. 

  1. Double Down 

Double Down is to increase the initial bet twice after having a look at the initial cards, in exchange of an additional card. 

  1. Reload Bonus 

Reload bonus is extra funds the casinos offer to players. It is often claimed by depositing funds using a bonus code. 

So, these were some of the frequently used phrases at a casino. As soon as you get a hold on these, you are ready to enjoy the casino fun.