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Whenever you’re on the prowl for a new casino site, you are inevitably bombarded by a variety of bonuses that come in various shapes and sizes. Without a doubt, the most significant majority of casinos offer a welcome bonus offer.

Whether it’s a no deposit bonus or a welcome bonus, fact of the matter is that there is something in it for a player looking to sign up to a casino. And in the rare chance that you come across a casino that does not offer a casino bonus, then chances are you’d give it a miss or you’ll lose interest quickly.

In any case, it can be a tad challenging to decipher the various casino offers from others and the terms and conditions they come with. We have gathered together information to bring you this guide that should point you in the right direction so you can sniff out the best bonuses out of the bad ones.

Different types of online casino bonuses

You must first comprehend that there are different types of bonuses, and even though casinos will coin them as “Deposit Match” bonuses, you still need to know the differences and similarities between the two.

In theory, deposit match bonuses can be either sticky, phantom or else, cashable bonuses. In the majority of the cases, deposit bonuses can be cashed out, which makes it easier to comprehend. The biggest factors you need to keep in mind when looking to claim a casino bonus is its relativity to the deposit, the total number of wagering requirements and the Return to Player (RTP) of the best casino games available at that given casino.

What are Cashable Bonuses?

When you are claiming a regular deposit bonus, you also would want to know how much of a bonus you are going to get in comparison to the money deposited. There are plenty of variations, so understanding how deposits and percentages work is essential here. For example, the biggest majority of casinos offer a 100% bonus, which means that the casino will match your deposit. If you are depositing $50, you will have a total of $100 to play with.

The next step would be to determine the playthroughs attached to the bonus. The wagering requirements or rollover is vital since they determine if you stand a chance of being able to cash out your winnings. If your bonus has a ridiculously low wagering requirements of 10x on a $100 deposit + bonus, this means that you must wager your bonus $1000 to be able to cash out. You would further have to make the right decisions in terms of gaming. You couldn’t possibly afford to hit a losing streak, though the house edge will inevitably catch up with you in the long run. You need to be a smart gambler.

Unfortunately, the largest selection of casino bonuses NZ out there have been created for the player to lose. Sometimes, it’s almost better to renounce the bonus entirely and play with the money deposited so that you’d be able to cash out any winnings straight away.

In the past, the house edge was a lot lower, and players were able to use casino bonuses to their advantage by being able to meet lower wagering requirements quickly. It became increasingly apparent over time that casinos were converting players into winners and then moving onto the next one. Bonus hunters would further open up numerous accounts under different guises and were primarily using promotions as ready to spend money.

Online casinos worldwide put a stop to this by applying higher wagering requirements and to cut into the players’ deposit. The higher the wagering requirements, the less likely you are to make a neat profit.

Bet restrictions on casino bonuses

Another critical factor that might not be beneficial for you as a player is the bet restriction. Bet restrictions are in place for a number of reasons: In the hope that a player places massive bets that dents the bankroll and then play games of low variance such as live blackjack.

Another reason for bet restrictions is that it forces the player to play low-variance games which will make it increasingly more challenging to meet the playthroughs.

In general, bet restrictions aren’t harmful, but it is always wise to keep an eye out for them in the terms and conditions. One of the main factors you need to look for in a casino bonus is how high the wagering requirements are for that bonus. If you want the best chance at cashing out and the wagering requirements are just too high, you can always renounce the bonus. That option is available even though casinos don’t promote it.

A smaller bankroll can make Volatility on your online pokie bets turn the rollover from a negative to a positive. Lower deposits also have a better chance at yielding better bonuses than huge ones.

The biggest negative that is evident when claiming a cashable bonus is always the wagering requirement. Of course, there are no wagering casinos but in general, if you’re signing up to a regular casino, it’s smart to look for bonus offers with lower wagering requirements.

What are Phantom Bonuses?

Phantom bonus is a widespread phenomenon in the online casino industry. It means that your bonus amount will suddenly dissipate the moment you facilitate a cash withdrawal. This means that with no bonus cash left in your account, you will only have the money deposited to play with.

What are Sticky Bonuses?

Another standard casino bonus available in New Zealand is the Sticky Bonus. A Sticky Bonus allows you to cash out your winnings but you are unable to withdraw your bonus funds, which makes them stick to your casino account and can be further used to play more casino games.

There is nothing essentially bad when it comes to Sticky Bonuses. They still allow you to play casino games and can still win more money.

What are no deposits bonuses?

The golden egg that is a no deposit bonus, is provided to new sign-ups to a casino. They can come in the shape of free bonus or no deposit free spins. They cost you absolutely nothing. All you have to do is sign up for an account and verify it. Your bonus cash or free spins no deposit NZ will then be credited to your account.

There are still playthroughs to deal with when it comes to no deposit bonuses. The chances are that if the no deposit bonus comes with playthroughs, you won’t be able to meet them. However, they give you an excellent opportunity to test out a new casino.

Should you meet the wagering requirements, plenty of kiwi casinos with real money will ask you to make a deposit in order to be able to cash out any winnings from the bonus. Though it is a free bonus, you might still want to look into the terms and conditions to see what you are getting yourself into.

You can have a look at all the No Deposit Bonus offers available in New Zealand here.

Signs of a bad casino bonus

We have created this guide to help you spot a bad deal. Keep on reading to learn more.

High Wagering Requirements

If a bonus has exceptionally high wagering requirements that you will never in a million years, be able to meet, move on. Don’t even bother because you will lose your deposit and will never be able to cash out.

Bet or Game Restrictions

This goes without saying, but if you get a bonus, you would want to spend it on whatever casino games you want. Many times casinos will specify the online pokies that you must use your bonus on and very often, they have low variance. You could be playing forever and a day and sometimes you just won’t meet the rollover.

Unclear terms and conditions

If you can’t find the terms and conditions to the casino bonus you are looking to sign up to, then there’s something fishy going on. Furthermore, if you think that the casino bonus is too good to be true, chances are that is.

Since casinos need to have a gambling licence to operate, one of the key rules as imposed by the respective gambling authority is that they need to have clear terms and conditions on display for when a player wants to claim a bonus.

Additionally, if there is no evidence of a gambling license anywhere on the site, give it a miss. There’s a good chance that the casino games there don’t use a Random Number Generator, which means that the casino could be rigged.


We hope we have succeeded in clearing the air. If you follow our tips and tricks on finding the best bonus, you should be on the road to success. Don’t settle for less and watch out for any potential warning signs.

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