Free Video Poker Games

Free Video Poker Games: Complete Guide

Free Video Poker Games are played at some of New Zealand’s best online casinos. No need to travel to Las Vegas to play a range of video poker games including Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker or Deuces Wild.

Video Poker is by far one of the most popular games available in Las Vegas casinos. In recent years, pokies have taken the number 1 spot, but free video poker games are still highly sought after by players looking to learn the ropes before playing for real money.

You can make big bucks if you know how to play video poker games strategically and adequately. There are plenty of reasons why players want to learn how to play video poker, by taking advantage of free video poker games available online, including Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker.

Are you looking to play free video poker games online or for real money? Then have a look at our Real Money Casinos NZ page, where you will be able to play free video poker games, as well as playing video poker for real money.

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Why you should play free video poker games

If you are looking to play at real money casinos in NZ and play video poker games for real money, you should first play for free before putting your own money on the line. After all, you should protect your bankroll and not spend it frivolously.

If you are not sure how to play video poker, now’s your time to practice and to play for free without any risks to your money.

When you play free video poker games, you are playing instantly without any need for signing up or registration. There are no apps to download, and you can play straight from your browser. You can play an unlimited amount of games without having to reach for your credit card.

If you are looking to sharpen your video poker strategy and to increase the odds of video poker better, playing free video poker games is the way to go.

Of course, you can’t play video poker to win real money unless you make a deposit first. Once you are ready to play for real money, there are some things to consider:

  • Stick to licenced and trustworthy casinos in New Zealand
  • Shop for the best bbonuses to boost your bankroll
  • Look for a variety of available banking options so you can avail yourself for deposits and withdrawals.

How to play free video poker games

The game of video poker is very similar to online pokies, except for the fact that it is based on five-card draw poker. Once you have picked the best online casino NZ or picked a few free video poker games, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Place your wager
  • Click ‘Deal’ so cards can be drawn out
  • Pick the cards to hold
  • Click ‘Deal’
  • Have a look at your final cards
  • Earn your winnings

Before you start playing your free video poker game, always look at the ‘help’ section so you can learn the rules of the game. You should be aware that there are plenty of variations out there for the game of video poker, so always look at the Info sheet to acquaint yourself with the rules.

Pick the one variant that piques your interest and keep on practising for free until you are comfortable and feel knowledgeable enough. Once you have achieved this, move on to a different game.

Kicking off the game of video poker

As already mentioned, always look at the Info sheet before you start playing even if you are playing for free. You don’t want to waste time playing blindingly without knowing the rules.

1)    Pick a video poker variant

Stick to one video poker variant when you are looking to get started. You can try different variations once you are confident. Have a look at the paytable, any minimum betting options and the rules of the game to help you get started. We always recommend to the beginning, to play Jacks or Better when starting since it carries low risk.

2)    Pick your bet size

Even if you are playing free video poker games, you still need to place a bet using your fake bankroll. Pick how much you want to bet per round. If you wish, you can go for ‘max bet’ since it doesn’t cost you anything.

3)    Deal

You will be dealt with your set of cards. Pick whatever you want to keep by clicking on the ‘Hold’ button. Any of the cards you don’t want to keep will be exchanged for new ones in the next step.

4)    New Cards

Once you have decided which cards to hold on to, click on ‘Deal’ again, so you will receive the new cards that will replace the discarded ones.

5)    Check your hand

If you strike it lucky, you will have a winning hand combination. If you didn’t opt for the ‘Auto Hold’ function, you would have to hold your winning card manually. Make sure to review the cards well before you click on ‘Deal’ again.

6)    Win! Win! Win!

If you hit a winning combination, you will be paid accordingly. If you are playing free video poker games, the money will be fake.

Playing free video poker games on mobile

Gone are the days where you had to play games on your desktop PC only. These days, games have been created with mobile users in mind. If you own a tablet or a smartphone, you can enjoy both free video poker games and games for real money, anytime and anywhere you want, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

The above steps can be applied to playing on the go. Once you are ready to play for real money, you can check out our list of real money casinos, to get started. You can still practice free video poker games on mobile and at real money casinos.

Why play free video poker games

Once you pick up the rules and the strategy, you will be able to apply your new-found knowledge to real money video poker games.

You will be able to look for basic combinations, such as pairs and three of a kind. You will be able to build a strong hand and win money to boost your bankroll twofold. We also recommend to never hold onto an unpaired card. Holding onto it, hoping that it will pair up when you click ‘Deal’ next is not worth it. The odds are against you.

Additionally, you should always match your hand to the highest initial card, since this will give you the best possible opportunity at securing an upper scoring hand. If you have a pair in hand, even if it’s low scoring, it is always worth hanging onto. If you had to discard your pair, chances are you will end up with worse cards.

If the choice is between a flush and a straight, always aim to go for a flush. As already mentioned, if you are looking to get started, Jacks or Better should help you learn the ropes.

Free Video Poker Games: FAQ

Is it worth playing free video poker?

Of course. If you don’t know how to play video poker, playing with fake money should help you learn how to strategize and to create the best possible hand. When you are playing free video poker, you will receive five cards. You will then have to choose which cards to keep and which to exchange for new cards. If you win, your fake money will be added to your bankroll.

Once you are confident enough, that you know how to play the game, you can always play for real money.

Do free video poker games work like real money video poker games?

Yes, but with the added benefit that you are not spending your hard-cold cash. The video poker software uses a random number generator. You can also play offline if you find an app, but we always recommend that you play for free at an online casino NZ so you can benefit from the welcome offer, once you are ready to play for real.

Can I improve at free video poker games?

The key to getting good at anything including video poker is lots of practice. Follow the above guides and play for free to boost your skills. Free video poker games are the way to go in a bid to improve your skills.

How do I win at video poker?

Follow the above tips and practice aplenty. Your main aim is to build the strongest possible hand. There is no real skill involved in playing for free, and since you are playing with fake money, it doesn’t cost you anything. You can keep on playing for a long time.

Can I win real money from free video poker games?

No. Unless you make a deposit and claim a welcome casino bonus, you cannot win real money. Once you have signed up to a new casino and played with real money, you might be offered a few promotions down the line to play for free and win real money.

Are free video poker games fair?

Of course. Since they use Random Number Generators and since you are playing at a legitimate online gambling site, you can rest assured that they are free. All the cards are dealt out randomly.

Play Free Video Poker Games

If you are looking to play video poker games for free, you can always sign up to a real money casino and play for free without having to make a deposit. If you are ready to make a deposit, claim a no deposit bonus or one of the other casino bonuses to get started.

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