Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Gambling in New Zealand

The technology has been rapidly changing, if two decades back someone had even talked about bringing casinos online and playing the online version of the game, we would have laughed but now these casinos are competing online and available in multiple languages and multiple currencies to a wider number of players. In the current technological world, bitcoin has made it stand as a significant and changed form of currency. Bitcoin has allowed people to buy amenities, place bets and carry out many kinds of the transaction while being anonymous at the same time.

Not just this, Bitcoin is also known for its high-class security. NZ Casinos are becoming gambler’s favourite with the bonuses, licenses, promotions, secure online environment which they provide and many other things which they give to a customer. Bitcoin currency has an advantage when it comes to the gambling industry and only because of this reason Bitcoin casinos are preferred over a normal live casino.

Bitcoin casinos are great because they allow the user to have the same features as a normal casino but at the same time maintaining the anonymity and without any need of bank account information. This could make the gaming experience fun and convenient for you. Apart from this they do not have any cumbersome rules and regulation which are often covered in the terms and conditions of a traditional casino. However, with so much leniency there is also some drawback which does come with these casinos and let’s take a deeper look at the pros and cons to understand this in a better way. 

Pros of Bitcoin Casinos in New Zealand


Bitcoin is known for the level of transparency which they provide to their players. Thus, there are a smaller number of scams and the gameplay in the level games is very fair and clear.


The main reason why Bitcoin is preferred not only for gambling but for many other things by the users is due to the high-class security which this cryptocurrency provides. The only time you will be needed to provide your detail is when you purchase some bitcoins. After this, you can use the currency to make the transaction anywhere without providing further details. 


With Bitcoin casinos when you use this currency to make payment there is usually not any fee associated with it. With other wallets there is often a fee, thus no fee is an added benefit for the players in online casinos

Faster Transactions

Bitcoins like other cryptocurrency is decentralised, this means there is no physical jurisdiction behind these systems and everything is on the internet. This means the transactions are rapid. Mostly the time would be taken from the side of the casino to review the application. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Bitcoin casinos offer exciting bonuses to attract the players to play the game and those who are serious can make huge winnings from the bonuses provided. It could be a welcome bonus, first-time deposit bonus, offering a 100% match bonus. Now with bitcoin all of these promotions grow and they could range from 1 to 5 BTC. It is important to note that at the time of writing 1 BTC is equal to 15,397 NZD. 


Now Bitcoin has allowed people to buy amenities, place bets and carry out transactions in an anonymous way. As long as the transaction is completed and verified there is no need to fill your detail. With another platform, the disturbance is in security due to need of a personal platform for doing anything which could a positive point as well as a drawback for the security was condemned. 

Cons of Bitcoin Casinos in New Zealand


Now the value of bitcoin currency is constantly changing and as for new, the gambling could be profitable but about years from now when the value drops. Thus, the currency could be volatile and could face serious value change on an hourly basis.

Digital Currency

Now everything running online that does not have physical presence may collapse anytime due to many reasons. Most of the player’s money is stored as cold storage but what about digital money that is in the air it could get lost and it would be hard to get a refund for it. 

Wagering Requirements

We talked about the bonuses and promotions that come with online gambling and bitcoin currency but this often come with high wagering requirements. Thus, a user might be requested to full over before you can withdraw and this could be a drawback as these rolls over are sometimes 20x 30x times.

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