The Best Live Casinos in New Zealand

We have scoured the world of online casinos for the best casinos bonuses.
With all this information we have put together a top list of the best casino bonuses in New Zealand.

Top Live Casinos Right Now

Updated 2018.10.02 18:22




50 Free Spins



1000kr Bonus



Up to 100
Free Spins

Slots Magic


10NZD Welcome Bonus



100NZD Bonus

Forget What You Might Have Heard, Here's Everything You Need to Know about Live Casinos

Forget about random number generators; live casinos are the real deal. They take the gambling experience to a whole new level, by bringing a live dealer straight into your living room.
Whether you fancy playing roulette or a poker game, live casinos guarantee users of real odds and unmatched entertainment.

For starters, do some homework on the best live casinos available to you. The last thing anybody wants is to submit credit card information to a casino with a shaky reputation. Only to figure out that the casino sells this sensitive data to fraudsters – the hard way.

To avoid this situation, play with casinos that have licenses from regulatory bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission and Malta.

After finding a white-label casino, go ahead and sign up. Most casinos make this part as easy as submitting an email and choosing a password. But others may require a photo of your ID and utility bills before any withdrawals.

Due to the competitive nature of the gambling industry, most casinos welcome new members with bonuses. Most offers start at 100% of the deposit, but they always come with strings attached. This free cash helps new players familiarize with the casino. And it’s also the perfect opportunity of testing new strategies.

With registration and deposits out of the way, it’s time for some real casino action. With options ranging from Live Roulette to Live Poker games, there is always something for everyone. These live casino games are almost similar to those in brick and motor casinos. Except for the fact that you can enjoy a game without leaving the couch.

However, there are some things that gamblers need to confirm before playing live casino games.

  • ===Bandwidth=== – it might seem obvious, but ensuring that you have enough bandwidth is very important to your overall gaming experience. The last thing you want is a face freeze in the middle of a game. Therefore, check if the bandwidth is enough and if it can manage to deliver a seamless live feed.
  • ===Always have a Strategy=== – experienced players use strategies for one good reason. It’s the secret behind successful gambling. Whether you are looking to play a game of roulette or Blackjack, you need a solid plan.
  • ===Set Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels=== – as imagined, there will be good days and bad days at the casino. And that’s normal. But your overall experience depends on knowing when to stop. So avoid the temptation of chasing losses.

With this three tips in mind, you are ready to take on any live casino game that your little heart desires. And here is a sneak peak of the most popular games that are worth your time and money.

Live Roulette

Live roulette shares the same rules with in-house roulette, only that some Live casinos have a virtual betting table. This feature is a move aimed at engaging live roulette players. Other than that, everything else is pretty much the same. Players get to place inside and outside bets and choose between American and European roulette.

Live Baccarat

If you are looking for a less complicated card game that features huge payouts, this is it. Live Baccarat, just as the land-based version, is about strategy and luck. The idea here is to have a hand value closest to 9. And you can even bet on the dealer’s hand.

Live Poker Games

To the novice player, the traditional poker games might seem fast-paced and somewhat complicated. But live poker is softer, and entry levels are lower compared to its counterpart. And just like any other casino game, avoid taking alcohol before sitting for a hand. Booze reduces your response time and also takes a toll on your judgment.

That said, it’s time to put this info into action. But if you are new to gambling, be sure to check out the casinos with no deposit bonuses. This bonus is basically free money that can be used to play any game within a particular casino.

Often, these no deposit bonuses come with wagering requirements. And that’s okay. The idea is to gain experience with your preferred game. Or get a chance to swift through options to find a game that works for you.