Pokie Games

What you Need to Know about Pokie Games and Slots

Irrespective of which casino you go to, you will come across pokies, otherwise known as slot machines. They make up to almost 75% of the total games that you will find in any online casino. In most cases, slot machines are considered the most famous casino games by the majority of players. Pokies outstrip table games in the casinos by 20 to 1.

How to Play Pokies

While pokies do not require any complicated rules, there are some guidelines that you need to follow so that you can enjoy your pokie gaming experience. To play your pokie game on land-based casinos, you are required to put a coin in the slot machine and pull the lever. In the online casinos, you will be required to adjust the amount (at the bottom of your VDT) of the bet and then press the button labeled spin.

Here are some of the points you need to know before you begin playing:
• Different slot games come with varying rules on their betting structure
• There are predefined betting limits that you cannot exceed
• Wild and scatter signs will differ from one pokie game to another

How Slots Machine Works

Before you even begin to train yourself on how to play slot machines, it is good to know their origin first. The first game of slot was developed in America as a way to distract saloon clients. It was developed by Charles Fay and was named Liberty Bell. It comprised three reels with ten different symbols each. Once you insert a coin into the machine and pull the lever, the reels start to spin. The player wins a prize if he or she matches three similar symbols.

Currently, pokies tend to operate in a sophisticated style. Different factors have influenced the whole design of today’s pokie games. Virtual reels have replaced the mechanical reels whereby they are used to determine a win or loss. Furthermore, the incorporation of a computerized system has made it possible to display more symbols that transform leads to large jackpots.

Learn to Play Slots

Slot machines have gained tremendous popularity with a wide audience due to its simple gameplay. Even though these casino games require extensive training and time to master, playing the slots tends to easy once you master the game. To play the game, insert a coin into the machine, place your bet, spin the reels and wait for the outcome. The moment the reels stop, and you get a match, you win a prize.

Tips to Play Pokier

For you to increase the chances of getting a prize in a slot machine, there are few factors you need to look at. If you intend to play a progressive jackpot pokier, do not use a machine that has already hit the jackpot in the previous month. This is because the chances of it hitting the jackpot again are minimal. Therefore, make sure that you select a pokie machine that was recently added to the online casino because they offer better chances of obtaining huge payouts.