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Top NZ Online Casinos Right Now

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Why us?

Well, the casino industry in New Zealand is growing exponentially, and the latest statistics showed that over 80% of New Zealander’s gamble in one way or the other. While sports betting may account for a large chunk of this figure, casino gaming is also a large shareholder of the New Zealand gambling industry.

Indeed, other websites also offer New Zealand online casino reviews and the latest news. Here are two things that make us unique.

First, we are not new to casino gaming at all. While other websites tell the story from a writer’s perspective, we tell the story from experience. All members of our team are seasonal casino gamblers, so we understand the subject well.

We are also very objective in our reporting. We aim to help budding casino gamblers find their way around the vast world of casino gaming. We review online casinos objectively without fear or favor.

Online Casinos New Zealand

One of our main objectives on this website is you review the best casinos as well as listing the ones that are not worthy. This is because there are a lot of fraudsters in the casino gambling industry.

All the six casinos for New Zealanders are up to the world standards. To play in the casino, you must be 20 years and above. That’s how strict the gambling regulations are in New Zealand.

For many young gamers or new gamers, online casinos have offered an alternative to the strict laws. In New Zealand, online casinos are not regulated by the host country. That means you can register and play in any of the international casinos if it’s regulated in the native country. Live casino gaming is also available if you have a compatible device and reliable internet connection.

But there’s one thing you need to be aware of; not all online casinos will offer you the best casino gaming experience. That’s why you need to select the online casino you are going to register carefully. Fortunately, we have reviews of the best casinos in New Zealand.

NZ Casino Games

There are three major types of casino gambling in New Zealand; casino games, online casino, and live dealer games.

Casino games are played in the physical casinos in the country. There is a total of six casinos in New Zealand regulated by the Gambling Commission. In these casinos, you will find your favorite table games; from Roulette to Baccarat and Blackjack. There are also plenty of slot machines as well as video poker machines.

You can also play the full range of online games offered by different companies. Most of the international online casino firms are operating in New Zealand. So, if you are tired of going to the casinos, which are in fact few, then you can still play Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack online.

Lastly, we have live casino games, and these are casino games, hosted in a live casino but streamed to the players. This means you are playing a game that an actual croupier is holding in real time, but you are in a different place, far from the casino following the game via a live feed link.

The difference between online casino games and live casino games is the fact that in the former, you play against a Random Number Generator software while in the latter, you play against real players in a traditional casino setting.

There you have it folks, a summary of what this website is all about. If you are an amateur casino gambler, this is a website that will guide you on the way. Follow us for the best casino gaming tips, guides, as well as the latest New Zealand casino news.