What is Volatility in Online Pokies?

If you are a regular player you must have come across several terms used in online casinos games such as Variance, Volatility, RTP, House Edge and many more. But do you know the meaning of these terms? We assume most players will answer with a NO. Most new as well as some experienced players do not understand the working mechanisms of these terms/features involved in online casino games. However, to make the most out of your game, it is important to understand the functionality of these terms. 

Here in this article, you will read a detailed analysis of volatility and how it can be used to its best while playing online pokies. So, let’s get started. 

Understanding Volatility in Online Pokies

Volatility is also known as Variance, which determines the house edge status in the game. By knowing the variance in the game you’ll be able to manage the house edge and ultimately your payouts since house edge and RTP (Return to Player) are inter-related factors. The higher the house edge, the lower the RTP and vice Versa. 

Basically, volatility can be referred to as a blend of three elements of an online pokie – payout frequency, risk-level involved in the game, and the paid out amount. 

Levels of Volatility in Online Pokies 

There can be three different levels of online pokies incorporated in a game – High, Medium, Low. 

High Volatility

High Volatility/Variance games are the daring players who are willing to win big on high risk. In high variance games, the payouts are huge but winnings are less frequent, and there is a high-risk factor involved in the game. This type of variance is popular among the players who like to win big at once instead of bagging multiple wins in small quantities.

When you are playing high variance pokies, you need to be patient and mentally prepared to hit a big win, thus, you need to keep spinning. And it is a quite obvious fact that for big wins, you must bet higher amounts. Besides staking big amounts, you can also bag the winning from the bonus round of the pokie by activating and using special features like free spin, multipliers, sticky wilds, and stacked wilds. 

No matter what the situation is, you need to keep patience throughout the game. Patience is the key to hit big wins in high variance pokies. Mentioned below are some most popular high variance slot game: 

  • Book of Dead 
  • Immortal Romance
  • Gonzo’s Quest

Medium Volatility 

Medium Volatility pokies are considered the ideal ones. These are generally chosen by the players who prefer maintaining a balance between in their bankroll and still can hit bigger winnings. In medium volatility pokies, you can play with a free mind and enjoy the game while hitting a combination of low and high payouts. 

Medium volatility pokies are highly preferred by most players, among the three, because of their unique features. You can find multiple types of bonuses, stunning themes, and amazing wins. Some of the popular medium volatility online pokies are:

  • Vault of Fortune
  • Great Rhino Deluxe
  • Beast of Wealth 

Low Volatility 

Low volatility pokies are perfect options for the players who want to play safe, and if you are one of those, then you can expect frequent winnings coming your way. However, frequent wins are usually paid out in small amounts. Low variance games are generally easier to play and equally entertaining as the other two categories. These games are compatible with different devices like mobile, desktop, tablet, or laptop. 

In low variance games, you do not lose the stake easily, and with multiple winning, you stay motivated throughout. These easy to play and win games can be your best bet when you want to keep your bankroll status in check. Some of the top options for low variance online pokies are: 

  1. Starburst
  2. Mega Moolah 
  3. Big Bad Wolf

What is The Need for Volatility in An Online Pokie?

The presence of volatility lets the players make a decision of picking a particular option. The involvement of a variance factor is all based on the math, as online casinos share the stats and number of games offered. With the accurate calculation, the players can choose a game according to their bankroll.